Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Flowers

We had a quick visit to the Botanical Gardens today. Rob needed to pick up some seed for a prac class next week. While I waited I wandered into the Conservatory. It was full of orchids. I used to visit the Orchid flower show, and buy a few plants each year. But I treat them terribly, and they haven't flowered in years. I'm scared of repotting them.
Anyway I enjoyed the ones today.
Happy weekend to you.


Hope's Mama said...

I love orchids. They were part of my wedding bouquet. Just gorgeous.

Little Nan said...

We have an Orchid farm literally around the corner and I can't buy them anymore cause I just can't look after them! Hopeless! But they really are pretty aren't they!? Have a lovely weekend x

Sarah B said...

They're very beautiful! I haven't been to the Bot Gardens in such a long while, which is terrible seeing as I drive past it every day and it's only a few minutes from home. I love the conservatory and I also like to check out what's growing in Pete's Patch.
I must get there soon.
Hope you are having an enjoyable weekend x

mumofsix said...

They are very beautiful but I am the same, just can't keep them going... Lovely photos. Hope you're having a relaxing weekend

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