Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday's Menu

Hello again.

I couldn't resist posting twice.

As you know I was at a conference all week, and as you do, I ate morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea all week. Oh I felt like I was going to explode. I'm terrible I can't walk away from those sweet treats. As a consequence our evening meals were more like snacks.

Monday: Left over roast pork, cabbage and apple, rocket toasted sandwiches.
Tuesday: Rocket salad, with soft boiled eggs, speck, croutons and black pudding (much to the horror of many on Instagram).
Wednesday: Cheese, crackers and olives
Thursday: Steamed broccoli with chilli, lemon oil and anchovies.
Friday: Pasta and meatballs.
Saturday: Roast short rib of beef with thyme, baked potatoes and rocket salad. Followed by the sticky maple pecan cake
Sunday: A big lunch out, at Fish Frenzy, Blue eye trevalla and chips for Rob, crumbed scallops and chips for me and grilled fish and chips for Rob's daughter. It was nice, but I ate far too many chips and definitely didn't need dinner.

What was on the menu at your place this week?



ally said...

Hello Marian...your meals (even snacks) look so exciting from here.
Tonight I made risotto (chicken and mushroom) in the new rice cooker...turned out fab!!!
We had shanks, tomatoes and lentils last night (loads of mash) and there's soup everywhere (pumpkin and tomato/zucchini/basil
(it actually reads ok when you omit all the bolognaise variants!)

caygraymomma said...

I always find your weekly menus so inspiring Marian. Thanks so much.

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