Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday flowers {tulips}

Today dawned grey and a little gloomy, especially in comparison to yesterday, which was a lovely, balmy, 24 degrees. About the perfect temperature! This morning I quickly snapped some photos for a Friday post, only with my iPhone, so hopefully the weather is kind enough over the weekend to take some with the real camera too.

I had looked into my flower garden yesterday morning, and noticed that the yellow Golden Parade tulips were looking to start soon, but one warm day was enough to tip a few into blooming, along with the first of the red Ad Rem tulips.

It's so lovely to see them from our bedroom window each morning (although I'm not sure I need to check them at 5.50am thank you very much Claudia).

I now am impatiently waiting for the other tulips to start properly (the Queen of the Night and the rest of the Ad Rem's) and my ranunculus.

I'm already planning next year's spring planting, with more tulips, anemones and ranunculus and some daffodils. We do have some daffodils, but I planted them under the hazel and quince trees out in the paddock. Apparently they are tasty for wallabies so they're not exactly thriving.

Happy weekend.



Little Nan said...

Ooooo, I love that fluffy white one! I will make sure that I plant alot more tulips next year! Three times as many! They are so cheery! Have a lovely weekend x

Coal Valley View said...

SO gorgeous! I've been waiting to see your Spring garden after you bought all those bulbs a few months back - so lovely. Have a great weekend! Mel x

ally said...

They're all doing so well...great work!!
I always say I'm going to plant more!!

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