Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Snap it {bright}

Yikes two posts in one week!

The theme for Snap it this week is bright.

It wasn't very bright last night at the hut when we got home around 7pm. No electricity. I had been expecting it over the weekend when we had the gale force winds (over 100kmph) but for some reason a tree fell over yesterday afternoon and took out the power in our area. A quick phone call to the power company wasn't terribly comforting, "restoration time unknown, call back in 90 minutes".

So we got back in the car and headed down the road to the local pub for a counter meal. Whilst not the most exciting meal we'd had in a while, it was warm, we didn't have to cook it, they had lights, flushing toilets and running water and a nice wood heater to sit by. Rob and I made it last as long as we could, reminiscing about when was the last time we'd eaten at a pub together. We're thinking 2009!

When we got back to the hut, the power was still off, so we lit a tray of candles, jumped in bed and watched an episode of Northern Exposure on the iPad. The power flicked back on around 10pm.

The weather has just turned for the worse again, so I might ring the power company before we drive home, just to check there isn't a reported outage in our area!

Playing along at Faith, Hope and a whole lotta Love.


Sarah B said...

How very pesky but a good excuse for a pub meal! The wind has been awful, it's so unsettling.

Rowantree Design said...

I think your night sounds rather romantic:)

Little Nan said...

Nothing worse than no power!! I'm surprised we haven't lost ours the last week with the wind we have had here in Victoria!
But candles are pretty aren't they! x

Anonymous said...

I am so envious of your lifestyle.

I can't wait to move there next year.



Pieni Lintu said...


::The Beetle Shack:: said...

ANY excuse for a pub meal!

We must visit Tassie one day soon. We have a dream of travelling south, all the way down, with our kids in a van. One day!

xo em

caygraymomma said...

Love a good power outage for the reminder that light by candles is super awesome. However, our toilets do flush when we have an outage, so that is probably why I look at it more fondly.

I suspect that without flushing toilets, I would be finding myself at a pup somewhere as well.


Arpi said...

A wonderful excuse to cosy up to the charming brightness of candlelight!

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