Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday's Menu

A lovely quiet weekend. Saturday was sunny and warmish, so we opened up all the doors of the hut and headed into my flower garden to weed. The garden is coming along, but I'll save that for a Friday flowers post!

On Sunday we headed to Cygnet for breakfast at the Red Velvet Lounge (I had a half breakfast while Rob had the works, including black pudding). Then we wandered around the market (which didn't seem to have as many produce stalls this time), but we still found a bargain $2 Tupperware container (it looked brand new!), a long black linen dress for me at the second hand clothes store behind Lotus Eaters, and a cute vase made from a Grolsch beer bottle.

We had to collect plants and go shopping for one of Rob's 2nd year prac classes - Supermarket Systematics; he gets the students to classify fruits and vegetables into their families to introduce them to taxonomy.

Then after a nap on the window seat we cleaned the hut.

On the menu at the hut this week:

Monday: Asparagus, pea, silver beet and bacon risotto.
Tuesday: The power was out so we headed to the local pub, I had crumbed scallops and chips and Rob had a steak and chips.
Wednesday: Free range scrambled eggs on wilted silver beet on sourdough toast.
Thursday: Cheese and more sourdough bread.
Friday: We had beef, Guinness and potato pies for lunch and Jackman and McRoss so just snacked.
Saturday: Brined and barbecued chicken on salad.
Sunday: After our big breakfasts we didn't feel like lunch or dinner!

What's been on the menu at your place this last week?



Anonymous said...

If you like old tupperware, the CWA shop in Huonville (only open on fridays) has 3 orange containers (i think from the 70's) and they are only a couple of dollars each and look like new.

ally said...

We've eaten so well this week that I feel permanently full
Amazing steak at Wild in Penguin, fabulous salmon and soba noodle salad at 33 cups in Ulverstone and tonight I did fast Asian fish with steamed asian greens (an old favourite but a goodie!)
Had coffee at the RVL last week too - our first time...will be back!

Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...


Good job on the $2 Tupperware score :) I love market shopping.

Have a great week,


Sarah B said...

The cheese and the dessert are my picks of your menu this week. Yum!
I can't say I've eaten anything too flash this past week, though you might have inspired me to do a risotto this week :)

Allana said...

What a great Sunday that sounds like! So excited to be finally going to Hobart for the weekend, we have RVL on our list of amazing things to do too. Can't wait!
We have been chicken broth soupy eaters this week, but had a scrummy Homemade chicken veg pie last night which I haven't cooked for ages - yum!

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