Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Flowers

Well it's a bit hard to see, but there are flowers in the photo below.

I love having a personal photographer who is willing to get up early enough to catch our garden in that perfect golden early morning light!

The flower garden is coming along, the roses are expanding and most have buds so I should be able to see what each one looks like this first year.

My original plan for the flower garden was for it to be a picking garden, so we have tried to keep things in the four quadrants to certain colours (white, pink, orange + yellow, red + blue/purple). In theory this had worked but there is the occasional mislabeled plant that is popping up in the wrong colour bed.
But I'm ok with that.

Now that the tulips have finished, the ranunculus are still going, please hold me to this- instead of 40 ranunculus corms next year, I'm going to plant 200 per quadrant. We both love them that much, and I won't feel so guilty picking them.

We have been collecting various annuals and perennials so it will be interesting to see what they end up looking like. We seem to struggle to fill the red bed (after the failure of my red ranunculus corms) so I'd be interested in any suggestions for red flowering plants.

My lilies are the main players in the garden still (after collecting them for years in pots) and they are all popping up quite happily now. Again my labelling may have left a little to be desired or we've mixed up the bulbs, because I can see the occasional plants with reddish tips to their leaves in the yellow bed. There are fat little buds amongst the leaves waiting to expand, it won't be long I don't think.

Again I have plenty of orange, yellow, white, and cream lilies, a fair few pink ones, but not many red ones. I've tried a few different reds but never been totally happy with their colour. Rob did utter a sentence I never thought he would "we need some more lilies" when looking at the red bed.

Thankfully I have felt much better this week. Today we had an appointment with our obstetrician and got to take a peek at the twins. I always feel so much more relieved after a visit to our Dr. He is quite lovely and reassuring. They now weigh 500g each! He measures their heads and tummies and they seem to be the right size for their age (about 25cm long at 22 weeks). Apparently at the moment they both have their heads down and their feet are at the top on each side of my tummy (which explains all those kicks I'm feeling!!) They are still able to move around quite a bit and always put on a good show.

So we treated ourselves with some lunch from Sweet Envy (conveniently positioned on the way back to work), their potato bread is still a favourite. Rob picked a lemon meringue donut which didn't make it past the city, and I picked Alistair's take on a Tim Tam or what he calls a Mit Mat. I have been saving it, and tried a mouthful at afternoon tea.  I may never eat another Tim Tam again. His, unsurprisingly, wipe the floor with them!

This weekend we're at home, so there will be garden tidying, grass cutting and hut spring cleaning (the windows are pretty bad with our two dogs smearing their noses all over them and the birds).

What are your plans for this weekend?



Sarah B said...

Glad to hear all is well with the twins. And how convenient that you have to pass Sweet Envy to get home!
You garden looks wonderful. I try to plant in colours as well. Out front is blue, purple, yellow, white and even orange whilst out the back are all the pinks and reds. Regarding reds, not a lot is springing to mind, though I do have a small dianthus that is an excellent red. I could always try to get a cutting going for you :)

Sarah B said...

me agian. I have just been outside watering and I have a red alstromera (sp?) that I could also do a cutting from :)
It's a good doer and great for cut flowers.

paisleysummer said...

What a beautiful photo.
How wonderful to have room for a cutting garden, your house must be filled with flowers all the time.
I'm glad the pregnancy is progressing well x

Allana said...

How dreamy to have a cutting garden and to be able to showcase your love of flowers so beautifully. What about simple red poppies?
Wonderful to hear all is going well with the twins and yourself - it's nice to feel those flutters and kicks, makes it all seem more real. I ended up hiring a Doppler so I could hear The Munchkin's heartbeat whenever I was feeling anxious inbetween appointments.
Hehe, I hear you about the dogs nose window thing - although that doesnt explain my kitchen bifold that i realised I could only see out of if I opened it the other day - oops, time to clean!

alison@thisbloominglife said...

Congrats from me too (I must admit I'd been watching the Mondays menu and noticing the lack of those yummy cheeses...). A good red summer flowerer is salvia, there are many varieties to choose from and it adds a bit of good height. Woodbridge nursery probably has some to choose from. Enjoy the next few months!

Leanne said...

So jealous of your, so jealous ;)

Leanne aka @picsnapper

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