Sunday, February 26, 2012

Another late Friday flowers

Sorry I've been a slack blogger of late. With the week away and a lot of work email to catch up on I have been reading your blog posts just not been good at commenting!
Not many flowers in the garden right now. I'm about to order some spring bulbs, well when I say some, I actually mean 1040. Tulips, ranunculus, daffodils, snowflakes, and anemones.
But Rob bought me a bunch of mini sunflowers to make me smile. They are very happy flowers.


Phoebe said...

Very pretty, and even better when gifted by a loved one!

Sarah B said...

What beautiful sunflowers, they're so cheery. I'm waiting for mine to bloom in the garden.
Boy your spring bulbs are going to look fab. I already have mine popping their foliage up. A bit early!
The dogs look like they had a great time at the beach. Poor molly has been so hot.
Have a great week :)

ally said...

oooh - is it really time to order ranunculi?...I could get very excited by that!
Lovely sunflowers

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