Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monday mix up

Sorry I tried to upload my regular post last night, but the blogger app on my phone beat me. So I'll save the pics for a double post next week as I won't be near a real computer for a while.
I enjoyed a quiet weekend-Rob has finished planting the box hedges around my flower gardens and it looks so much better already! Sorry I'll take a photo later in the week.
We visited our favourite local antique store and it was full to the brim with new treasures, not only furniture, but kitchen wear, baskets and now retro clothes. I loved this red dress, but the waist was tiny! I haven't a hope of fitting into it! We did score 3 more Piper-Truline blackwood dining chairs. They're so comfortable, an important factor for enjoying dinner! They are covered in some terrible beige vinyl, but we've still got some red fabric that we can recover them with on a rainy afternoon.
I'm in Brisbane for the next few days for an annual planning meeting for work. My flights were fairly delayed as I was transiting through Sydney and there'd been some serious storm activity slowing down air traffic. So I arrived late, checked into my room and fell asleep (the time difference made it feel even later!)
I've never been to Brisbane before, but sadly I don't have really any time to look around.


Sarah B said...

Gosh I love that dress but I can see how tiny that waist is. If only I didn't eat so much cheese!
Hopefully you'll get to see a few sights while you are away :)

My Secret Rooms said...

Lovely dress!!
Brisbane would be nice to visit sometime... Hope you had a good stay, even if it was filled with work! (know the feeling)

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