Sunday, February 5, 2012


The grass was slashed on Thursday. Usually we get it made into hay bales but there wasn't a market for it this year. It's probably not a bad thing for it to mulch the pasture. The dogs knew straight away that walks were on again. Neither of us have been keen to walk around in the long grass with the chance of treading on a snake! So we took them on a perimeter walk. All the trees we've planted are getting so big now, they've shot up at least a metre.
The dogs couldn't resist and went for a celebratory swim in the dam. Claudia likes to jump in and make the biggest splash possible. Nigella, on the other hand, knows all the little steps down so she can glide in ensuring she doesn't get water in her ears!
It's nice to have the whole block again.

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My Secret Rooms said...

The dogs are so beautiful and they sure seem to live in dog paradise!!!

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