Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Flowers: Happy Birthday Dame Elisabeth

This Friday I wanted to honour a garden hero of mine, Dame Elisabeth Murdoch.

She just celebrated her 103rd birthday on Wednesday. Her attitude to life is quite amazing, but her love of her garden at Cruden Farm in Victoria is what I find most inspiring.
Photo credit: Simon Griffiths 

I found out about the garden at Cruden Farm when I was looking for ideas for trees to line our driveway. The iconic photograph of the lemon-scented gums (Eucalyptus citriodora) along the drive at Cruden Farm popped up. I was immediately intrigued. I was given the full colour photograph book Garden of a Lifetime for Christmas, and I was smitten. To see a paddock transform into this grand garden over 84 years is quite inspiring.
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I would love to go and visit one day.


ally said...

I would love to visit there too
Mainly for that avenue of trees
But the rest is pretty special too :-)

Sarah B said...

Wow, 103, that's impressive! It just shows how good gardening for you. What a beautiful property.

My Secret Rooms said...

Wow, that sure does look great! I'd love a garden like that :-)

Posie Patchwork said...

I know, 103 years old, she's quite the matriach!!
As for tree lined driveways, my grandfather was a gardener in England & we'd visit many estates he'd worked on & to see the trees he planted down the driveways, so tall & grand, it was a man's life work, just incredible. I hope the people living in those homes, driving down those long grand driveways each day, know a wonderful man named Sidney planted them with such love & heart. Love Posie

Little Nan said...

Me and Nan went along to an open garden at Cruden Farm a few years ago and met Dame Elisabeth herself! She was just delightful and her passion for her garden was infectious! And those lemon scented gums...the smell was just amazing!

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