Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Flowers

So I got back home to the hut yesterday. Whilst I was in Brisbane Rob was leading a week long field trip at Mt Field in Tasmania. He had pretty perfect weather. The dogs were pretty happy to see me but knew that our little "pack" wasn't quite right until he returned. I took Nigella to the dog groomer today. I felt like such a traitor leaving her there to get clipped short. But her coat was out of control and she was so hot.
I was certain she'd be mortified, but she was quite proud! Particularly of the pink bandana the lovely ladies gave her. They said she was very well behaved, which didn't surprise me, she's just a big teddy bear. Claudia wasn't sure it was her, and sniffed her all over!
We picked up Rob from work, the dogs jumped all over him in the car park, quite the reunion. Then we headed home together, I'd made some pizza dough this morning so we're just about to enjoy tomato, pumpkin, olive and anchovy pizza. Happy weekend!
A frangipani flower from my walk in a park earlier this week.


Sarah B said...

Ha, Iove Claudia's reaction to Nigella's new "do". "Hmm, is that really you?"
Enjoy the rest of the weekend :)

My Secret Rooms said...

I don't know who's more gorgeous - the flower or the dog?!!! Awesome, both of them! How wonderful to have such a well behaved dog ;-)

ally said...

She looks very smart
Frangipanis in Tassie?? Really?? - just beautiful. Although I never wanted one cos I think they look so ugly without their leaves and flowers

Hazel said...

Sorry Ally, the frangipanis were in a park in Brisbane, I was there earlier last week.

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