Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A belated Monday Menu

A busy couple of days with a child health nurse visit and yesterday a trip to hospital for blood samples. Leaving at 8am for a 9am appointment we still didn't get home until 11.45am!
The girls are so brave, the blood sampling is quite an ordeal, the initial needle prick in their heel then 5 minutes of squeezing blood into vials, doesn't make for happy babies even with a sucrose bribe. So at least they sleep all the way home.

The girls are growing well Maggie is 3340g and Elisabeth 3850g. Rob is keeping me so well fed, I am afraid that I do view food at the moment as fuel, but I still enjoy good tasty fuel!

M: Chilli con carne with baked potatoes and pumpkin.
T: Spaghetti alla puttanesca.
W: Pumpkin risotto.
T: Sausages, eggs and salad.
F: Beef curry.
S: Beef curry (always better on day 2).
S: Salmon cakes.

What was in the menu at your place?

P.s. still working on that birth story.


Sarah B said...

Those blood tests sound a bit traumatic! Mustn't be much fun for the nurses either, but I bet they like seeing the girls growing and doing well.
Your dinners put mine to shame! I can't think of one worth mentioning. I am rather amused by your square egg :)

Jane @ Shady Baker said...

Your brave little girls! Your meals look delicious as usual. I remember eating like a machine when I was feeding my babies...such a special time. The square egg is clever!

Violet said...

It's tough the things preemies have to go through. They are brave little girls!

Amazing foods you've had this week, they all look wonderful.

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