Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Flowers

24 degrees Celsius? In mid May?

The roses continue to give bunches of blooms and it's only their first year.

This morning I picked red, pink and white. I'll keep the red ones for Rob's mother, but the white ones I stuck in a vase I bought years ago with this very arrangement in mind.

Happy weekend.


ally said...

Isn't the weather amazing!!!
Our roses are just reaching their end
Love the ones in the white jug
Enjoy your first Mother's Day on Sunday

Sarah B said...

Your roses have done very well, haven't they? My icebergs are still blooming and have new buds coming, but the David Austins have pretty much stopped.
Have a very happy first Mother's Day on Sunday x

nat @ natalia familia said...

That is such a beautiful arrangement, a well chosen combination.
I discovered your blog earlier in the week and have been really enjoying your posts. You have a very beautiful blog. I mentioned your blog in my post today. Here is it if you'd like to see it.
Have a lovely Mother's day on Sunday. Nat xx

Little Nan said...

I know! The weather is just gorgeous!!
Hoping you have a lovely Mothers Day tomorrow! x

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