Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Monday Menu

A big two week post. Yesterday I felt queasy and unwell. Still do a bit. So i wasn't that inspired by food if it wasn't a salada. Hoping the girls don't catch it. Rob came home early to look after me.
Pick of the week Roast Mt Gnomon pork, and THAT ice cream.


Anonymous said...

Your food always looks so delicious.

I made a pear and almond cake last week also, it was in the free Pear cook book i grabbed in woolies, so delicious with custard.


Dee said...

I love the collage of food pictures that you have done this week. My food highlight this week was eating at the Royal Mail hotel last night. Very spur of the moment but DIVINE.
I will have to catch up on the rest of your posts when I am alone, the always bring tears with the memories.

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