Saturday, June 1, 2013

Friday Flowers: yet more roses!

Late again. Still a few roses left to grace our tables.
A bunch of random red roses.

Glorious one of our favourite yellow roses.

Finally Flamingo.

I think that might be the end of the roses this year. I'm inside with the girls while Rob is outside staking and pruning, with Nigella and Claudia of course.

Can't help but share my latest purchase from Devra party in Brooklyn, NY. A kaleidoscope of coloured honeycomb paper decorations to add to my collection. They make me so nostalgic, as my father had a couple he would put up every Christmas. This time I ordered some 12.5cm cuties and completed my collection of 30cm. I just thought they might come in handy to celebrate a few little people one day! 

1 comment:

Jane George said...

ooo lovely colours and those pom poms! where you going to hang show us! xxx

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