Saturday, June 29, 2013

A dishy new addition

We have put up with rubbish Internet at the hut for 2 years. Without a landline we have relied on Internet via our phone or iPad. There is only service in the windows. We must look funny always holding our devices up to the nearest windows. But no more. Rob organised our free NBN satellite dish, but due to the steep pitch of the hut roof (and Rob not really wanting it up there for aesthetic reasons) we had to have it installed on a pole behind the hut. So it was delayed for 5 weeks. Then it was raining, so the contractors weren't keen to dig in the rain. So we had to keep waiting. 

But today was the day. The two workmen arrived early this morning. Dug a 1.2m hole, inserted a 2.5m pole, attached a dish, dug a trench to the hut and connected it all up. Nigella and Claudia love building and digging. They excitedly followed the guys from their ute to the site, checked their progress during the day and protected the babies when they came inside to set up the internal modem.

The result? 5.3 megabyte download speed. Amazing. Who knew.

Maybe that iMac has just jumped up the wish list. Blogging may not be such a chore.


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