Sunday, June 30, 2013


"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Maggie: asleep in the winter sun. Her hair is growing thick and dark on top, but oh so soft. Her tiny nose is changing shape,  her perfect rosebud lips stay the same but now she even has eyebrows. Her forehead is widening, and thank goodness evening up after her early preference to lay on her right side and caused it to get a bit lopsided! Under her new handmade rug from her Aunt.

Elisabeth: quite proudly grasping small toys now, bringing them closer to her mouth. She had quite a week; laughing for the first time, almost rolling over (pesky arm got stuck), grasping toys, and finally a little taste of some pumpkin soup. I know that you are meant to start with cereal. But she was interested as I was eating it. So I cooled a little on my finger and gently laid it on her lip. Sure enough she licked it happily and several more. Our Dr did say as ex-premature babies they may start solids a little early. But she's still only 14 weeks corrected. So I'll put it down to curiosity.

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Apparently as we are half way through the year she will pick her 3 favourite portraits of Che and Poet, which no doubt will be tricky given her beautiful photos. Not sure I should join in given my late start at 17 weeks!


kate @ livinglovinglaughing said...

oh what adorable girls - love their names too! the light/dark in the first shot is amazing. wonderful to track their milestones on here, im sure the weeks are flying by!

Jodi said...

so so sweet! You need to buy Jude Blereau's "Wholefood for Children" - such a great resource. I started Poet on avocados and pumpkin as fruit/veg is easier to digest than grains. She coped really well so I think you're on the right track. Listen to the girls' cues and, most importantly, listen to your instinct x

Rebecca Alexis said...

beautiful! what sweet photos. It seems that they are both thriving from your wonderful care and your motherly love. beautiful. xo

Jane George said...

so gorgeous xxxx

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