Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Menu

A quiet weekend. Sleep ins. My first bath with the girls. They liked it. A perimeter walk in the late (well not actually that late given the day length at the moment) afternoon sun. Chatting with the girls. A new spiced fruit loaf recipe to try, perfect for afternoon tea, or breakfast. A traditional roast chicken dinner. Cold frosty nights. Punctuated by a super moon and dark Mofo's Spectra. 

Today's excitement included Rob's little car breaking down at the end of the road, ironically on the way to a service. It doesn't like the cold. Rob caught a lift into town. So at lunch I packed up the girls (including the furry ones) and headed into the city to pick him up to see if we could come back and get it started. Elisabeth was not pleased. She screamed the whole 30 minute trip. Both girls slept all the way back though, so we stopped for an indulgent pack of hot chips each before tackling the car. It wouldn't start, so we headed back down the road to buy jumper leads. Back again. After fiddling under the bonnet we got the little pug going and home. It's now booked into a French car specialist who hopefully can fix it's aversion to cold. The girls only woke as we pulled back up at the hut, thank goodness.

Our fortnightly menu, Rob's taking the paleo diet semi seriously, given the amount of meat shown here. I'll have to be back with a late 52 portraits series post.


ally said...

Meals fit for a caveman(or a breastfeeding woman)
I loved bathing with my girls- such an indulgent task I found
Hope the car specialist has a solution - I think there's a bit more cold to come!!
Wasn't spectra sensational - I'm missing it already!

Margaret said...

Food looks awesome, just the thing for cold Winter nights, I am now addicted to making burnt butter sage with every Rissotto....YUUUUUUUUMMMMM
I have to have 4 pots of Sage going to keep up the supply.

CBH said...

Sounds like a lovely way to spend the afternoon (perimetre walk). I also enjoyed sharing the bath, initially it was the only way Edward was happy in there. Lucy copes well, so I've not shared many with her.

Hope the pug is winter proofed & doesn't break down again.


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