Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Monday Menu

On the menu:

M: Pasta carbonara.
T: Lamb chops, mash & salad.
W: Minestrone with bocconcini and pesto.
T: Stripey trumpeter, chips and hut salad.
F: Vermey's skirt steak wasabi special, baked potatoes and hut salad.
S: Cold roast beef, bread (for me), hut salad, French cheese and fresh figs.
S: Mother's Day pancakes and leftover roast beef, baked potatoes, hut salad and fried mushrooms, Steohanie Alexander's date and chocolate cake.

All so good even if eaten semi cold a bit later than intended! 


Jeane M. said...

Lovely spread! Gotta try those salads. Got my eye on your next posts.

Little Nan said...

Oooo, whats stripey trumpeter? Is it fish?
I love being inspired by your menus....I'm a little boring sometimes!
Have a lovely week x

ally said...

I cannot believe you have 2 brand new babies at home!!!
You are eating like a queen (even cold and one handed)
(totally jealous of course ...pretty sure we survived on pasta and takeaways!!)

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