Saturday, May 25, 2013

Friday Flowers

I missed Monday Menu this week, do not worry we ate! I'll try and be back next week. My rose garden is still producing blooms. This week I picked Valencia roses. I love how deep the yellow is. It is also fragranced. They graced our table this week, for my tea breaks, and for a morning tea with a friend, and her 3.5 month old son. Who is the size of our two girls put together. He is already in size 0. Our girls have certainly made the most of their 0000 clothes, Elisabeth is about to move up a size. She has hit the 4000g mark, Maggie is catching her though, closing the gap, she is 3590g.

Wednesday's post came out of nowhere, I have been drafting a birth story, but I was only half way through. I had been describing the last 8 days of my pregnancy: the scary diagnosis of TTTS; the amniotic fluid drains; the stress of the daily ultrasounds to check on how the babies were going; trying to halt labour for 4 days; and that final night before their birth when I had sent Rob home and I laboured alone. I ended up getting to fully dilated with Maggie basically ready to go with only a heat pack and a panadeine as pain relief. I didn't bother the midwives cause I didn't quite believe it was happening. That final crazy hour when it all got scary as the babies needed to be born by c-section and the nurses and doctors later told me they thought Maggie might arrive in the lift! Rob was still at home as they prepped me for theatre and he only just made it, apparently humming the James Bond theme as he sped into the city. 
I'm not sure how or when I'll share the rest of our story. It is emotionally exhausting to write, let alone read, so I will see, and keep chapters of the story for when it feels right to share.

Happy weekend to you.


mumofsix said...

Those roses look divine. I adore yellow roses.

Those babies are doing so well, aren't they? They look so alert and full of character!

I still marvel at their birth. I'm not sure I'd taken in that you'd laboured alone. It must have been quite an unreal experience. One you must have been fighting so hard against. All is well thank goodness. I think sharing when and if you feel like it is a very good plan. Much love xx Sarah

Hazel said...

It was my fault as we'd had a false alarm the night before, the Dr came in, they even out 2 IV lines in, but the contractions slowed down. Rob stayed the night but didn't get much sleep. The next day the Dr did another amniotic fluid drain, and it stirred up everything again. I sent Rob home, I really should've rung him earlier to come in, but I was a bit foggy, and didn't want to trouble the midwives or worry Rob. Oh well he got there in the end!

Jane said...

Oh Marian. You gorgeous girl. Please don't feel obliged to share your birth story. Some do, some don't. I haven't. No judgment - just what feels right for me. Just listen to your heart. Love to you all at The Hut tonight J x

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