Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday’s Menu

A new regular posting theme for me. Well actually it will be the previous weeks menu. In an attempt to truly web log what we serve on the menu at the Hut, I’ve decided over the weekend to take a photo of our dinner each night over the next year.

The iPhone has helped me document things pictorially recently and looking at the photos, a lot of them are food related.

I think it will be interesting to see what we do eat, and how repetitive we are.
If it gets too boring I may not post them- but it might spur us onto culinary variety, you never know. Hopefully there aren’t too many pictures of scrambled eggs on toast or vegemite on toast!

This week is not complete but there were some memorable meals so here goes:

Monday and Tuesday
Chef: Rob
Beef shin, mushroom and stout pie with mash topping (a tweaking of Matthew Evan’s recipe in his latest book, Winter on the Farm) and peas.
Rating: Pretty good, beef perfectly tender, but needed something to give the sauce some more depth of flavor.

Wednesday (sorry no photo)
Chef: Rob
Pasta carbonara.
Rating: The go to meal for comfort and ease- Nigella Lawson recommends it as a meal to serve with your lover the first time he stays over, preferably in bed.
Given we’re an old married couple now, we eat it quite civilly at the table! We used some real eggs from our friend’s chooks so the sauce was a nice saffron colour.

Chef: Rob (I’m not doing well here am I?)
Pumpkin, mushroom, spinach and pistachio risotto
Rating: Colourful and an unusual but satisfying flavour combination. Next day we ate the leftovers for lunch with out the nuts and missed them for the crunch they added.

Chef: Our equivalent of a take away meal
Cheese selection from Bottega Rotolo: Delice Cremiers, Brie and Parmigiano Reggiano. Fig and walnut rye baguette and a rocket and fennel salad. Oh and a bottle of Cotes du Rhone.
Rating: Delice Cremiers cheese a standout, a light textured cheese like whipped butter, slightly fruity but with a surprisingly clean acid finish. Which meant we could eat it all!
Photobucket Photobucket

Chefs: Rob (main) me (dessert)
Rump steak with Nicola potato chips and spinach.
Cherry and almond cake
Rating: Rob loves to use his Weber BBQ.  Steak and chips is always going to be a winner in this household. We just have to remember to save a tiny morsel for each dog, otherwise they sulk for the rest of the evening. My cake was a new recipe for me, using some gorgeous dark coloured glace cherries. I was a little worried I’d cooked it too long, but with a dollop of cream and a spoonful of cherry conserve it was a pretty good pudding (if I do say so myself).
Photobucket Photobucket

Chefs: Rob and me (terrible I know on Father’s Day- but he loves to use the Weber)
Souvlaki- slow roasted then grilled lamb shoulder, hummous, cacik, green beans cooked in tomatoes and onions.
Poire belle Hélène with home-made vanilla ice-cream
Rating: Our favourite summer food was pulled out of the repertoire a little early; the weather was beautiful at the Hut yesterday. Nothing I like better than putting our food together at the table and then eating it whilst the juices dribble down our chins. It’s not pretty but delicious. The pears has been cooked for about 4 hours and were soft and spiced with the vanilla and the red wine. Mmmm is all I can manage right now.
Photobucket Photobucket

Well we’ll see what culinary delights the next week brings.


My Secret Rooms said...

Oh, this was fun fun and inspiring for sure!
It looks like great food.
And those deserts - wow, to take time to make desert, I'm both impressed and inspired :-)

I look forward to following this new theme.

Sarah B said...

It all looks so yummy Hazel. I have more misses than hits in the kitchen. Those cheeses look so naughty. Yum!

Katrina said...

GREAT idea to post your meals for the week! I for one was reading avidly - I'm obviously a bit of a food voyeur as I love seeing what people eat, both everyday and for special occasions ;)

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