Thursday, September 1, 2011

Today I know:


  • That I’m welcoming the first day of Spring. Even if it’s a little chilly in Hobart.
  • I like tangelos, my workmate has introduced them to me, and I love the sweet/sour taste, and they make my hands smell devine.
  • Not to dry clean my blazer again. I did it three weeks ago and I still smell like a grandmother, and not a nice smelling grandmother either! It’s my favourite black go-with-everything jacket, made of a lovely soft moleskin fabric, and I can’t bear to wear it!
  • I have to attempt to make a croque en bouche on the weekend, as a trial for my niece’s baptism cake. Yikes.
  • Our dogs make me laugh. They’re at a funny stage now where they play mind games with each other over their food. Their antics and elaborate ruses to distract each other so that they can steal the other’s food is hilarious to watch. Better than tv.
  • That we almost have a window seat. The builder says it might be finished and delivered tomorrow or Monday. I can’t wait. 
  • We have our dinner sorted for tomorrow night, our Friday tradition of cheese, good bread and a bottle of red. We picked out two nice creamy soft cheeses and a piece of 24 month old Parmigiano at Bottega Rotolo today.
  • My husband makes an excellent beef shin, mushroom and stout pie with mash topping.
  • I like to collect the tiny plastic bulls that are attached to bottles of our favourite Spanish red, Torres Sangre De Toro. Each one is in a unique pose, my favourite is the one lounging on his back with his legs casually behind his head!
  • This is my 100th post, and you know what, I like blogging, and the friends I have made in this electronic world. I especially like meeting people that I’ve first gotten to know through blogging.  This first 100 posts has seen me through building a new hut to live in and moving in, adding a new furry friend to our pack, and getting married to my best friend in a surprise ceremony for our guests. Can’t wait to see what the next 100 bring and hope you continue to drop by to find out.


Sarah B said...

Congrats on 100 posts. Those bottle top sculptures are so different, I've never seen them before. You will have to stop tempting me with these mentions of amazing cheese from Bottega. I am trying to be good!
Look forward to seeing the croquembouche :)

My Secret Rooms said...

Congrats!!! Fabulous it is, this blogging experience.
I concur; I especially like getting to meet brand new digital friends, since that is a particular feeling, a different experience!

I just can't get over that this is your first day of spring!!!
It's our first day of autumn here.....

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