Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Christmas is coming

I know it’s still October, but I can’t help myself when it comes to getting excited about Christmas. This is our first one at the hut too. So I’ve been thinking, just a little, about how to decorate our hut.

This slight obsession with Christmas decorating is thanks to my Dad. Normally he is quite conservative with his spending and decorating, but come December he changes overnight and no decoration is too kitsch or excessive. On a day early in December he braves their roof cavity to bring down box after box of decorations. Mum’s domain is the tree. Well apart from the lights. Dad always puts on at least 6 different sets of lights on the tree. Over the top? Oh yes. More alarming is when he puts them on the strobe mode, and the 6 sets of lights flick on and off randomly. The tree could cause some sort of fit!

Dad is in charge of decorating the house. Not the outside, the inside. Every surface is Christmasfied. I mean every surface, door handles, light fittings, door and window frames. Foil decorations dangle from every conceivable spot. Christmas ornaments adorn every flat surface. He puts out the main nativity set (yes, every room gets one of it’s own) under the tree. But only the cow gets to hang out there prior to Christmas. The other characters, Joseph, Mary, Jesus, the donkey, shepherds and their sheep, and an Angel all turn up on Christmas Eve, whilst the three wise men are late arrivals- they’re allowed in a week later.

I think the most outrageous decoration is the musical robin. Activated by loud noises (such as clapping) the robotic robin jiggles and flaps it’s wings whilst chirping a selection of Christmas carols!

When I was old enough to help my parents decorate our home, my favourite decorations were two aging honeycomb decorations, a pink ball and a green bell. I loved unfolding them and hanging them up from the window frame. Which may now explain my fondness for honeycomb decorations.

On Monday an exciting box turned up from the states. I’ve mentioned before about finding this company, and their amazing array of decorations. Well, I couldn’t help myself, the red ones looked so enticing, I put in an order a couple of weeks ago.

Aren’t they gorgeous? I don’t think Rob realised that not only do the beams hold the living room roof together they are perfect for hanging things from. We may only have a small tree this year, but I don’t think you’ll miss the Christmas season at the hut with these! I’ve promised Rob I’ll never get as bad as my father. I hope.


Phoebe said...

Oh I love those decorations! My family is indifferent to Christmas! I think I'm the only one who gets excited and does the decorating!

Sarah B said...

Your deccys will look great adorning the hut. What a great story about your Dad. What an enthusiastic decorator! One of my friends is married to a Columbian and traditionally their nativity sets journey through to house too. It's so funny.
Ps thanks for your message on the blog today :)

Rowantree Design said...

I love those honey comb decos. I am doing the same only in multi colour. I am planning a very bright and colourful tree, gift wrapping and hanging decos. Do't you just love planning the christmas decorations.

Catherine said...

oh wow your dad sounds awesome! I go a bit mad for christmas decorations too but it is just so much fun! I've got a thing for those honeycomb paper balls too so I'm definitely going to follow that link, I did find a few in inside the other week that I couldn't leave without. Can't wait to see your decos up : )

My Secret Rooms said...

The look great!
I also love Christmas decorations and I can't wait either for that x-mas mood to really get me....!!!

Pauline said...

Definitely won't miss Christmas with these :) Now that makes me wonder... What does your father do?!?

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