Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Flowers

Just quickly today- no botany lesson!

The last of the daffodils we bought last year.
The pear tree is still flowering. Rob was telling me the other day he has orchard plans. More orchard. He'd like some more pears and quinces! We currently have three pears and eight quinces.
Finally the Michelia yunnanensis "Scented Pearl" has started to flower. Another poor plant we have tortured for years in a pot. We planted a row of these about 3m from our bedroom window, once they have stopped flowering, we'll prune them back hard so that they form a nice hedge. They have lovely creamy flowers and cute brown furry sepals.
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Hope you have a lovely weekend, more stitching for me!


Sarah B said...

Lovely pics and it looks like they were taken earlier on the week when we had lovely blue skies. More pear and quince? What about apples? The apples from my tree last year were the best I have eaten in such a long time.
Have a lovely weekend x

MySecretRooms said...

How absolutely gorgeous spring looks via your eyes!!! Beautiful :-D

Katrina said...

8 quinces already - wow! Won't it be FABULOUS when they're fruiting?

And I'm so glad you told us about your Scented Pearl because I've been seeing a few of them on my walk to work in the mornings and have often wondered what they are called :)

Hope you have a wonderful week!


julie said...

Beautiful spring!

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