Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mid-week pick me up

Thank you for your reassuring and sympathetic comments on my post about the driveway. I’m feeling better about it, our friend doesn’t think it will get much worse, but he won’t be able to fix it until it dries out. So we’re just keeping an eye on it, and driving on the opposite side of the road! It’s our only access onto the block; we have a very strange shaped block of land, a big triangle with a narrow access (only 20m) at the wide end of the triangle. It just so happens that it’s also incredibly steep and goes over a creek! Anyway, we’re being positive and hoping the wet weather stops soon.

So I thought I’d share a few things that have made me happy this week.

This guy is seriously cute with curly black hair and his white tummy. The “Oreo” bull (really a belted Galloway) lives over the back fence, which is about 10m away from the hut. We have a series of long narrow windows that run down the hall and smaller windows on the back wall of the living room, as well as the breezeway French doors. So as I wander down the hut, I often lock eyes with this dude. He seems quite calm. Just happy to munch the grass and watch the crazy antics of our dogs!

More red in the hut. I just had to go back a buy a few more of these candleholders from Spotlight, ahem like seven more!

Finally, we got around to finishing off a project we started in June last year.

Photobucket Photobucket
Do you remember the two unloved Blackwood chairs we found at the tip? Rob had sanded them back and oiled them last year. But with nowhere to put them, recovering them didn’t seem that urgent. When we moved to the hut, we popped them up in the loft and forgot them again. Last weekend we picked up some red fabric and Rob pulled out the many staples and replaced the horrible dirty blue hessian fabric with the new bright red. Now I’m thinking I’d like to recover the four pale blue chairs with red too….watch this space.

Hope your week is going well, mine has certainly picked up!


Sarah B said...

You love your red, don't you? It's a great colour. Are you looking forward to decorating the hut for Christmas?
I love the Oreo bull! I've never heard them called that before but it does fit. I have often thought if I had cows I'd gave some belted g's. They're just so cute. I'd be out there trying to befriend your neighbour.
Good news about the driveway. It will all work out.
Thanks for your message today. I reckon I'll be fine for my bday, not that I have anything planned. Maybe the cheese platter you mentioned :)

GourmetGirlfriend said...

Belted Galloway love......still are and always have been my bovine addiction. Love them. Such noble creatures.
i'm glad you found such lovely good things to soothe you after your driveway stress.

My Secret Rooms said...

That curly guy made my day, for sure! How cute is he? :-)

Way to go, with that furniture! I wish I was as handy and could do stuff like that!

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