Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Flowers

There aren't any new flowers this week in our garden, so I picked one of Rob's photos.

A close up of a Banksia flower.
I'm a bit tired, and so am glad it's the weekend. We're having some friends over for lunch on Sunday, so we've got to get the hut spruced up and cook a few of our favourite entertaining dishes (baked olives, soy roasted almonds, Gougères, rump steak, kipfler potatoes and lemon tart). Hope you have a happy weekend.


Rowantree Design said...

I am also having guests this weekend. Thinking of mussels, rib roast, béarnaise sauce, roast potatoes, a gorgeos tart from the growers market today at Rozelle. Happy hut tidy!

My Secret Rooms said...

Gorgeous shot of the flower!
And that lunch you're planning - sounds divine!!!

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