Tuesday, June 12, 2012

a belated Monday's Menu

It was quite a grey old weekend in the end. I was hoping for some more sunshine, but it was still nice to relax at home. We felt quite good about the cleaning and tidying both at my parent's shed and ours (Rob gathered up another trailer load of rubbish and recycling from behind our shed).

Menu wise this week:

Monday: Chicken cacciatore with boiled potatoes.
Tuesday: Chicken and vegetable soup.
Wednesday: Pappardelle with some chicken cacciatore.
Thursday: Ziggy's hot dogs! An excuse to eat our home-made tomato sauce. I added some hot english mustard quite liberally, which cause a wasabi rush right down to the tip of my nose. But I love that feeling and kept eating anyway.
Friday: Cheese night was back, a hard, French goat cheese, called Chebris Brebis, a soft French cheese, Picolin and Gorgonozola Dolce. All delicious in their own way, served with a little fig and walnut baguette and a rocket salad.
Saturday: Pasta and meatballs.
Sunday: Dry-cured, then hickory smoked slow roasted in the Weber beef short ribs, with potato stacks and rocket salad.

Other treats this week included; speckled bread (fruit loaf), a lamb, potato and pea parcel at Jackman & McRoss, figs grilled in prosciutto and stuffed with fetta, pancakes with maple syrup, boiled eggs on toast, left over pasta and meatballs on toast, and that chocolate caramel peanut slice.

What's been on the menu at your place?



Gemma said...

Hazel, your cooking puts mine to shame, second to none! I did take delight in printing off your apple crumble recipe and getting the ingredients and it made two! It was so delicious, my in laws got the second one and loved it. The perfect wintery dish. Thanks so much.

Life with Kaishon said...

Your menu for the week sounds scrumptious! I made orange chicken tonight. The kids were crazy about it. I think I am making spaghetti tomorrow. We will see how the day goes and if we have time for a nice supper.

caygraymomma said...

I too am a huge fan of that wasabi rush. Sounds like a great menu. Thanks for being part of a whole team of people to pull me out of a cooking rut. My family thanks you too.

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