Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday's Menu

This will be brief, I've caught Rob's cold, so am not feeling the best.

Our menu over the last week has been a little patchy.

Monday: A rocket salad with croutons, bacon and soft boiled eggs.
Tuesday: Roasted root vegetables (pumpkin, parsnips, carrots, swede) with leeks, onion and garlic.
Wednesday and Thursday: we just snacked as both of us were feeling unwell.
Friday: Left over roast vegetables tossed through couscous.
Saturday: Bratwurst with mash, peas and beer braised onions.
Sunday: Beef Bourguignon with potatoes.
We made a few baked treats too, almond and orange muffins for breakfast and a Tuscan Apple Cake, the jury is out on that one. We found a similar recipe (except that it contains butter) which we would like to try in comparison.
Here's hoping that some rest, lemon tea and panadol does the trick.



Rowantree Design said...

Oh I struggled with the beastly head cold last week, but some sunshine over the weekend made me feel much better. the only thing you can do is lay low and drink lots of fluid. The menu YUM. love cous cous. Hope you are well very soon. x

ally said...

Marian - I hope that snooze with your doggy companion this afternoon has helped.
The apple cake looks yum...but I sense'll obviously just have to keep trying!

Little Nan said...

This winter has been terrible for colds! When will everyone feel better? Take care and enjoy some pajama days and good food (with lots of garlic!) usually the only things that fix feeling yukky! Rest up and keep warm x

Anonymous said...

i hope your feeling much better soon. xo

Claire579 said...

Hope you feel better soon x

Julie said...

take care. lovely apple cake.

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh i hope you're feeling better, sending you pots of chicken soup. Love Posie

Plus one Wee Bean said...

Ohhh pretty please post your recipe for that apple dish.

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