Friday, June 29, 2012

Hello sweet weekend

I am here, albeit in a snuffly, coughing, husky voiced kinda way. Thank you for your get well wishes on my post on Monday.
I crammed 5 days of work into 3, and whilst I got things done - it was rushed and I don't like to do things like that. Sure there are still things left to do, but they'll keep.
Next week is a big one too- I'm managing a display booth at a major science conference in Hobart, whilst trying to fit my regular work around that.
But for the moment it's finally the weekend. I'm ready for some quality hut time.
I'll leave you with a photo of the Channel, near the little town of Snug, we drive past it everyday on the way to work, and marvel at the way it is slightly different depending on the clouds, weather, and tide.


Plus one Wee Bean said...

Gorgeous photo!
You live in GOD's country. Stunny.
Glad you are feeling better Hazel.
Enjoy a restful weekend.
Any new pics of the rose family?

Rowantree Design said...

Magnificent, I'm sure you never take that vista for granted! Hey lady I need your address to send you a postcard from New York, i'll try for something foody, like a picture of a big hot dog. I'm off on Wednesday. Good luck with the booth and happy your feeling a bit more chipper.

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