Saturday, June 9, 2012

I am here

This week was a long one. This is entirely about work, deadlines, multiple projects to focus on, too many phone calls and emails. I even found myself checking my emails in the car trip into work and scribbling to do lists on the back of envelopes. At 6pm on Friday I'd had enough, closed the computer down (my hand was actually sore from typing and using the mouse!)
We headed home for a long weekend. We ate a simple supper (after skipping lunch) of cheese (2 French and 1 Italian), with a rocket salad.
But I didn't sleep well (haven't all week) I think the work stuff has been making my mind run like crazy, I've been waking up from vivid nightmares most nights.
Last night was no different.
Today we got up and headed to my parents home. It's been nearly a year since we moved into the hut, from the flat in their backyard. But we left a whole heap of stuff in their shed. So today we tidied, sorted, and took stuff to the op shop, the recycling and the tip. We even dug up a few plants to bring to the hut. A few more boxes went up in the loft, but they were some of my childhood books, toys, photos etc.
The dogs were very patient, and had to be squished into the back seat. On our last drive home I caught them snuggling!
I feel better for having done it though.
I think it's bed time. Sorry I haven't had the chance to comment this week, I hope to catch up with that tomorrow.


Rowantree Design said...

Try noy to think too much, my girl. Take some deep breaths and have a big stretch. Go give those adorable hounds a big cuddle, grab some of their karma. Sometimescwhen I get over wrought, i just look at mr poodles and admire their, no care in thevworld policy, that usuall makes me feel better.

Gemma said...

I hate it when work gets into my head like that, at the end of the day work is work, no one will ever thank you when you work overtime.

Must be therapeutic though to sort out your stuff from your parents, I am in the process of doing that now - the stuff that has been kept!

Hope you sleep better soon...and the dogs snuggling is gorgeous.

My Secret Rooms said...

Hey there, we've gone through nightmare week at the same week. Not that it's good... but I can relate.
I so hope you manage to shake it off, this week. Nightmares are no fun and still they help sorting stuff.
Not nice waking up after it. I feel for you.
Those absolutely gorgeous beauties can maybe ease your mind a little bit?!!

Take care <3

mumofsix said...

Sorry you had a bad week. Would that cheese have helped your dreaming?! Glad you had a relaxing weekend, I'm reading your blog backwards! Just love the pics of your 2 special girls.

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