Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy birthday hut {one}

Tomorrow is our one year anniversary of moving into the hut.
We were so over building this time last year, it had dragged on. We packed up the big pieces of furniture (we'd moved bits and pieces down over the preceding weeks) with the help of our friends and their trailer and ute and drove the 15 minutes to the hut. We unpacked, and popped a Jackman & McRoss family pie in the oven, to share our first meal at our table.
The rest of the day was spent cleaning the flat (attached to my parents house and our home for the previous 4.5 years), then returning to unpack and put our bed back together.
We spent the next few weeks feeling like two little children playing house. Even now, we will both spontaneously say "we live at the hut" as it hits us that it's what we wanted for so long.
This year has been busy with the installation of the window seat, Rob setting up both gardens (beds and paths), and paving the terrace (all 108m2). Collecting some more mid-century pieces for the rooms, pulling the wardrobe apart and reassembling it in the spare bedroom.
We've hosted parties and lunches. Friends have come to stay.
The hut has seen much laughter and love, a number of spontaneous happy dances, a few tears and disappointments, and the occasional mild disagreement. But on the whole (and I think Rob would agree) we have loved our first year here and it has felt like our home almost immediately.
Happy 1st birthday hut.


Sarah B said...

Happy 1st Birthday to the hut! It looks like such an idyllic place. No wonder you love living there so much.
That last pic is lovely x

ally said...

It's a lovely little hut fairy tale!
Happy 1st birthday. Xx

Anonymous said...

it is so beautiful and what a magical scenery. xo

Plus one Wee Bean said...

You have such a gorgeous home.
Thank you for sharing all your adventures, additions, critters and loves.
Lovely indeed!

Phoebe said...

How exciting! It's so wonderful to have those "I can't believe we're here moments!"
Happy first birthday Hut, you are one gorgeous source of inspiration!

one claire day said...

I just love your hut (and the fact that it's in Tassie!). Happy birthday hut!


Posie Patchwork said...

Happy 'oneth' it's stunningly beautiful, what a lifestyle you have, more puppy shots please, love Posie

caygraymomma said...

Happy Anniversary to your happy hut! I can feel all the laughter and love that you fill it with daily through your posts. Congratulations on living your dreams.

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