Sunday, November 13, 2011


Our lunch at Josef Chromy's was quite delightful, the sky a perfect blue, the water shimmering, the vineyard in the distance. The family took over a section of the cafe, cousins chatted, Rob's sisters worked out Christmas for us all. We shared antipasto platters at each table, then I had the trevalla and Rob had an absolutely huge steak, perfect cooked. Everyone was relaxed and after coffees we all stumbled out into the sun and we headed off to Hobart, via Evandale, the Nile and the Colebrook road. The midlands were incredibly green, our only stop was the Ross wool shop for some new ugg boot liners for me. I can't tell you how heavenly new plush sheepskin is, try it!
But as nice as our time up north was, there was a constant tug at my heart for the hut. Silly to admit but true, our first night away from the hut together. As we drove down our long driveway, I felt immediately better, just seeing the hut at the end in the evening light.
We have only lived here for four and a half months but it is the homiest place I've ever lived in. It perfectly reflects our taste and style, and we can just "be". Not to mention we missed the peacefulness at night (if you don't count the frogs).
I love our weekends here, but am always reluctant to head to work on Monday!
Hope you had a lovely weekend too.


My Secret Rooms said...

I had a wonderful weekend too and I totally know how you feel when you long home!
It's so wonderful to have a home you really like and that's to comfortable to be in.

It does seem like a great weekend for you :-)

ally said...

We had a wedding there last year - beautiful setting
I love how attached you are to your lovely little home - bliss!

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