Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A belated Monday's Menu

We're making the most of the late summer/early autumn produce at the moment.
I didn't mention that we visited a friend on Friday evening and she begged us to take tomatoes, pears, quinces, plums, prunes, zucchinis and grapes. We were happy to oblige.
Our basil plants are still going strong.

Monday: Pasta carbonara. A favourite recipe in our home.
Tuesday: Steak on the Weber with silverbeet, beans, leeks and mash.
Wednesday: Fresh super sweet corn (from another friend's garden) and tomato and meatball soup.
Thursday: Pesto risotto with Meredith's goat cheese (if you haven't tried that cheese, please do, you'll thank me).
Friday: Pan-fried tomatoes, zucchini, speck, onions with basil and parsley.
Saturday: Nigella's aromatic lamb shank stew (an old favourite recipe of ours that we hadn't cooked in years)
Sunday: Fresh mozzarella with tomatoes and basil, a piece of Asiago cheese and Pigeon Hole rye bread (can you tell we visited Bottega Rotolo the day before?)

The sushi was a lunch date during the week from our favourite sushi shop R. Takagi.


Sarah B said...

My goodness you guys eat so well! I plan on visiting Bottego Rotolo this week for some nice, stinky cheese :)

ally said...

So many of my faves....the kids and I get through quite a bit of MrTagakis sushi!!
Will try nigellas shanks soon...Thankyou

Songbook said...

yum yum yum. I love all the fresh produce. You should put up a recipe or two- even if you just kinda wing it!

Kelle said...

Had to stop by the blog today. Hut envy. :o) Seriously, I love your home and all the Instagram pics you post of it, but it looks even more beautiful on the big screen. xo

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