Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our Sunday

We woke this morning to rain, which made us quite happy our tank was running a little low.
After breakfast we headed down the road to the farmer's market at Cygnet. First priority was some Red Velvet Lounge sourdough and a fruit loaf. Greedy I know! Then we picked up some rhubarb and vegetables. There was an art exhibition in the hall. My favourite was this barbed wire horse. He was gorgeous with his coppery wire mane and tail. We looked in a few of the gift shops, and I found a raspberry red skirt in an op shop. We couldn't resist an Eccles cake each from Lotus eaters. We took our spoils home. The sun came out so Rob did some digging in his veggie patch. I made granola and a vegetable soup for dinner.
A pretty perfect day.
P.S. like many others I'm totally addicted to instagram: my name there is hazelnigella. But I've decided to join in Fatmumslim's March photo a day game. Today's theme was bedside. Let me know if you're equally as addicted and I'll follow along.


Sarah B said...

I like laying bed listening to the rain. It was a funny day, I didn't know if I was warm or cold.
My goodness you are so tidy! If only my bedside was that neat and clean. Have a great week :)

Jo said...

Hi Hazel, your day sounds much like mine, apart from the skirt! The horse was good wasnt it, made me think of my horsey sister in UK. I bought lemons for my jam making and had a wonder around with my son. What a lovely weekend. Have a good week

Hazel said...

Rob and I both (which is probably a good thing) hate clutter. A reaction to my parents house where clutter rules!
Hope you have a lovely week too!

Hazel said...

Hi Jo- ha- I wonder if we were there at the same time? We're loving being involved in a little township like Cygnet. Hope you have a good week too!

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