Thursday, April 5, 2012

The alphabet of me

This has been kicking around a few blogs so I thought I'd have a go at it.

Trying out our wardrobe with Claudia and Nigella 

A // Age: 33
B // Bed size: Queen. No room for me when there are two German Shepherds and Rob!
C // Chore that you hate: Ironing. Boring. So we go around a lot in creased clothes. I'll always remember my grandmother's advice "move around a lot and no one will notice!"
D // Dogs: Nigella (6.5yrs) and Claudia (1.5yrs). If you're a regular reader of my blog you will know just how spoilt they are.
E // Essential start to your day: Putting my contact lenses in. I don't feel awake until I do.
F // Favourite colour: Red. Ahem, quilt covers, clothes, window seats, napkins, dining chairs, lounge chairs, plates. Guilty as charged.
G // Gold or Silver: silver.
H // Height: 181cm, with the stretch marks to prove it. I grew so fast (14cm one year) that I still have the scars on my hips!
I // Instruments you play: piano, a long time ago. Romantically I have this dream of the third hut, with my grandmother's piano, and Rob sitting while I play Bach. I can dream.
J // Job title: Project Officer. Which doesn't really describe what I do, I manage the communication activities for a national marine observing system.
K // Kids: Rob's daughter, 16.5yrs.
L // Live: at the hut, in the channel region of southern Tasmania.
M // Mother’s name: Maria. My grandmother was Maria too , I think my Dad wanted to call me Maria too, but my Mum didn't want a 3rd Maria, so added a 'n' to make Marian. Hazel is my middle name and is my other grandmother's name.

Rob and I in our silly hats and gowns.

N // Nicknames: Maz (siblings) or Bunny (Rob).
O // Overnight hospital stays: Once to have all 4 wisdom teeth removed.
P // Pet peeve: I asked Rob what he thought this was, his reply "self-absorbed people". I know there's an element of narcissism in us all, but some people go beyond that, and it drives me crazy.
Q // Quote from a film: Well a TV show, the term "captain subtext" referred to in the UK comedy Coupling. Rob and I often use it, when we know that although we have or someone else has said one thing, really we/they meant something very different indeed!
R // Right or left handed: Right.
S // Siblings: I'm the eldest of 5. I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers.
T // Time you wake up: I wake up around 6.30, when I get up is a whole other matter...
U // Underwear: I'll let you in on a secret, Jockey comfort classics in bamboo. Soft, stripey and comfy.
V // Vegetable you hate: Brussel sprouts, i used to swallow them whole as a child!
W // What makes you run late: checking blogs or Instagram.
X // X-Rays you’ve had: hips, knee.
Y // Yummy food that you make: Again, if you read this blog I think you'll know we make a lot of food, and most of it I think is pretty tasty (just don't ask me to make scones, big failure), but the recipe that I get asked for most, and use the most, is Nigella's Chocolate Guinness cake with cream cheese frosting.
Z // Zoo animal: I have to admit that the last time I went to a zoo I found it a little depressing. The larger animals looked sad, or seemed to be acting a little crazy. That said, my favourite animal were the otters. They are such characters.
I like seeing animals out in nature, like this cutie on the East Coast of Tasmania. 

Well you might know a bit more about me now. Happy Easter. I'll be dropping by here over the holiday.


Gemma @ Jac Whippet said...
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Gemma @ Jac Whippet said...
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Sarah B said...

I love reading these posts, they're so much fun, not to mention informative. Look at you with blonde hair! Are you naturally dark? I like your dream about the piano :)
Ps I found it fascinating that you pictured me as a nurse. I take that as a compliment :)

:perennial: said...

Hi. I have come over from instgram to change your life - I found this recipe last month after making crabapple jelly. My husband has been making it ever since and it seems no fail! No need to rub butter in as cream is used can use either less sugar ( changes textture a bit) or diet lemonade if they are too sweet. The recipe is from here:

Let me know how it goes. Now I'm off to read some more of your chronicles


Coal Valley View said...

I think this is the first proper photo I've seen of you - gorgeous! And you're so tall !!! I love these type of Posts :-D Have a great Easter you guys!! Mel x

MulberryPomegranate said...

Such a great post, loved reading this!!

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