Friday, April 13, 2012

Veggie patch

With the absence of flowers in our garden at the moment, I think I'll make Friday a regular day for posting about progress in our garden.
Despite the often inclement weather over Easter, Rob persevered and put together most of the garden beds in his veggie patch. Our poor neglected grape vines that have been plonked in the ground for the time being need to be moved out to the slope in front of the orchard, so that the last 3 beds can be put in place.

On Tuesday we had a delivery of top soil and another of pine bark mulch. You'd think by now we'd be able to calculate the volume of soil/gravel etc we'd need but we realised that we'll need another truckload of soil to finish off the beds. Although our soil is pretty good already, it is clay based, so this nice sandy topsoil will improve the drainage in the raised beds. We put down weed mat between the beds and covered it with the pine bark for the paths.

Rob also finished the last two quadrant beds in my flower garden, and levelled off the soil. I spent a happy afternoon weeding around the box hedge plants. I got about half way through, so will finish that off on the weekend.

Finally we planted three new trees. A pepper tree (Schinus molle), a tulip tree (Liriodendron tulipifera) and a liquidambar (Liquidambar styraciflua).

Photobucket We hope to finish off the beds this weekend, and plant out some seedlings for (fingers crossed) a winter crop.

Happy weekend.


Jane @ Shady Baker said...

This is a very impressive veg patch, cant wait to see photos of the winter crop!

alison@thisbloominglife said...

Hi Hazel, you've got me to delurk! This one is an absolute ripper and Rob looks like he is doing a morris dance (ha ha). Seriously, looks fantastic. Will you need to fence for pests? My greatest budget nightmare. alison

Little Nan said...

I look forward to watching your garden grow! And such a nice surprise to see my little name on your blog list! Ta! Have a lovely weekend...I have a big weekend of planting bulbs! x

steve said...

Inspiring Hazel!

Sarah B said...

It looks SOOOO good!
So much room - I'm rather envious! I am trying to get my small beds ready for winter but I keep getting raspberry canes popping up which are becoming a bit of a pest.
Yours will be amazing full of veg and blooms :)

Gemma @ Jac Whippet said...
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Wild Succulent Warbling said...

Hi Hazel

You will adore your Tulip Tree. Our new cottage comes with a massive specimen in our front garden. It defines the home so much that even at the risk of sounding twee we have decided to name the place Tulip Tree Cottage. Best of luck with the veggies and the trees.

My Secret Rooms said...

I keep saying it and will again: love the hut and the garden!! It's really to die for ;-D

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