Friday, April 27, 2012

Garden at sunrise

With ANZAC day in the middle of our week, we feel like we've had two Friday nights and two Sundays. Delicious indeed.

The veggie patch is coming along, with cabbage, rocket and carrot seedlings popping up in the beds. Fingers crossed they get going before it gets too cold. Rob planted all the golden shallots we kept from last year, if we do as well as we did last year (each bulb became a set of 6) he may let me eat some of them!


We spent a happy afternoon planting bulbs that we have been dragging around in pots from house to house. The Zantedeschia bulbs are quite freaky looking, big potato sized things with fat roots coming out around the crown of it. I hope they'll be happier in the ground finally. The final pots of pink and white lilies also went in to their beds too.

We're looking forward to a quiet weekend at the hut, we're having a few friends over for lunch on Sunday, so Rob and I are busy discussing menu options. I think we've settled on gougères to nibble on whilst the tea smoked ocean trout cooks followed by a Tarte Tatin, Rob's favourite dessert.

Happy weekend to you.


steve said...


Sarah B said...

Beautiful shots! It's good to get bulbs and plants in the garden after a long time in pots. I felt that way when we moved to our house.
I'll be looking forward to your display when they're all out in spring :)

Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

Two Friday nights & Sundays. VERY DELICIOUS :)
I have no idea what gougères are :)You have me intrigued. Off to google it now haaaa. I want to have lunch at your put so much thought into your meals & presentation. LOVE!!!!
Garden looks amazing. Sunrise & Sunset at your place must be magic to watch.

Plus one Wee Bean said...

Your gardens are looking awesome Hazel!
So many great recipes ahead for you and Hubs.
Beautiful photos.
I can feel the sunshine!!!!

Sally @ Us+House=Home said...

Hi Hazel, just discovered your blog via PottyMouthMama. Your property is beautiful. We dream of escaping to the country one day, so looking forward to living vicariously through you and your blog!

ally said...

Oh that light is o beautiful
Hope you get to eat the shallots!

My Secret Rooms said...

Those photos are so amazingly beautiful - the sunrise is fabulous! Your hut really is special in so many ways :-)

I agree with you that it is cool: now I get to follow you into autumn. Looks amazing so far!

Phoebe said...

What a stunning morning view and look at your veggie beds, they are seriously amazing! I can see a sweet pea arch along the middle... What say you Hazel? Rusty reo arch?

Leanne said...

SO beautiful, gorgeous sunrise!

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