Thursday, April 26, 2012

Crazy dogs at the beach part two

I did only select a few photos for yesterday's post, mainly ones with the ocean in them. But I left out some absolute crackers, so I decided to post my other favourites today for completeness.
Sorry to those of you who aren't dog lovers, I'll be back tomorrow with a gardening post.
The expressions on Nigella and Genghis' faces are priceless. Don't worry  Nigella looks scary but she really isn't, she is more like a giant teddy bear to cuddle. For you information: Nigella has only managed to grab Genghis' tail the once. I think it shocked them both!



Little Nan said...

Oh, Jack looks scary like that when he chases other dogs down at the beach! Sometimes he's playing....but sometimes he's a little annoyed that dogs are bothering him, when he has been waiting all day to chase the waves! Sometimes he doesn't want to play! They are great photos! Have a lovely weekend! x

Sarah B said...

Great photos! It makes me smile to see dogs enjoying themselves. I think we could learn a lot from them. Molly gets the Cujo face occasionally, it's quite amusing. I can't wait to get her down to dog beach when her leg is better and the weather is warmer. Maybe we could all meet up one arvo?

Pauline said...

Love the photos! And she does look like a very hug-able puppy :)

mumofsix said...

What fabulous photos. I love the first one. Look at her paws. She does look more grizzly than teddy bear! Theyre obviously having such fun.

Never apologise to the not doggy lovers, I'm married to one, they should not be tolerated!

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