Monday, December 9, 2013

A day of relative calm

This was the view from my bed as dawn lightened my room. I was so glad that warming bed remained unused.

Rob awoke. The midwives started trying to find the heart beats again. Luckily a keen registrar was happy to do an ultrasound and show me the two babies and their heart beats. After breakfast I was wheeled down to have a more extensive ultrasound. My doctor met us there and explained all the measurements of amniotic fluid, the size of the babies bladders and stomachs, the blood flow via their umbilical cords, and the state of their hearts. Considering the circumstances the news was promising, the babies were no worse than the previous day, their hearts were fine, and poor twin B whilst still stuck low in my pelvis was breathing and moving, and had visible fluid around it now. Something it wouldn't be doing if it was still stressed. 

On my return to the ward I was moved into a smaller room. I was served lunch (I figured out it was a fish burger because it was served with tartare sauce) and Rob went off in search of coffee. He returned with treats; chocolate slice, magazines and books. We were both so tired we fell asleep. 

A pair of Doctors from the NICU came to chat with us about what to expect next. So far Rob and I had been focusing on the risks and implications of the babies while they were still inside me. The Doctors discussed the possible risks once they were born. We asked questions about survival rates, and possible disabilities, and they discussed brain bleeds, respiratory support and feeding prem babies. I have to say, and this is by no means a reflection of the doctors' bedside manner, the meeting left us both in tears. Premature birth is terrifying to contemplate. We had thankfully made it 24 hours past my first steroid injection so at least the babies lungs would be given the best chance. 

Rob was extremely tired and in need of a shower and change of clothes, there wasn't room for a fold out bed anyway so although I didn't want him to leave, I let him head home. There were a few tears for both of us. My Doctor has prescribed a sleeping tablet as I had not slept properly for a week. She strongly advised I take it, so I did, and a heavy, dreamless, sleep came quickly. 

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