Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hut Christmas 2013 - writing Christmas cards

I remember my mother manically scribbling Christmas cards as a child - a box of cards, stamps etc and a growing pile of envelopes ready to go on the dining room table. Her special Christmas address book always seemed to go missing just about late November causing much consternation and searching. 

Last year I was going to be so organised, I'd sent out the overseas cards and was getting around to writing the domestics when of course I got waylaid.

This year I'm nearly done. They should all go out early next week. After following many North American friends on Instagram I've come around to liking the Christmas mailer, a photo card. 

This year has been a little bit busy so we've done a simple version of a Christmas mailer, printing our favourite Christmas photos for me to scribble on and send out. 

Who knows next year I might get organised enough to do a real Christmas mailer. I know it probably isn't politically correct to send out paper cards, but I rarely post any other form of correspondence and there is something lovely about receiving exciting mail and seeing how everyone is and how they've grown up!

Do you send out cards, photos or a Christmas letter?


Violet said...

I absolutely love sending out and receiving Christmas cards. It's one of my favorite bits of the season. Running behind this season though and toying with the idea of sending out New Year's cards.

CurlyQ said...

We always do photo cards. Which I love typically with pics from the last year. For the last 6-7 years I have kept all the photo cards we have received and put them in a photo book. I've arranger them by year so it's fun to see how the photos have changed. First wedding pics, then dogs and couples in the photos then the babies and now bigger kids. So fun to see my friends and family lives change and grow.

Tabitha Blue said...

We love Christmas cards!!! And I'd love your address! Can you email me at!?! Xo

ally said...

Great shot to use for your Christmas shot
I love sending and receiving Christmas cards - I still do it every year - I have one for you but I don't think I have your current snail mail addy - will you email it to me?? (in your spare time!!!)


John Locke said...

Always try to design simple and decent cards so you don't need to upgrade your Ink Cartridges to print simple and decent cards you can also use two color cards for Christmas.

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