Friday, December 6, 2013

Hut Christmas 2013 - St Nicholas

I have written before about my families tradition of celebrating St Nicholas on December 6th.

Today I got to watch our daughters open their gift from St Nicholas for the first time.

Given that they don't need shoes yet, they don't actually have any, so they couldn't clean them and put them out last night. Also I didn't think lollies and chocolate were appropriate for tiny wee babies, so instead I bought some Christmas pyjamas (after Christmas last year!) for them to wear from now until Christmas.

You know what I think Maggie realised she'd been ripped off, her face here seems to express some disappointment with her gift! Next year I might add some fruit to their goodies. Elisabeth was quite impressed with the box they came in.

Happy St Nicholas day to you!


Joanna Glanville said...

I love the "not clothes" face, very funny.

They are two beautiful little girls, i have really enjoyed watching them grow. I hope you all have a lovely christmas together.

Colleen said...

Have followed your blog for quite some time. Last year when I read that you had given birth I was so worried for you. I am a nurse so understand the difficulties the girls might endure. Was also very excited for your family. Your girls are true miracle babies, I don't think you or your husband will ever forget this. I love following your family,your food pics ,and flowers. Have a wonderful Christmas

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