Friday, December 20, 2013

Hut Christmas 2013- decorations are up!

Sorry about the break in Christmas posts. 

Finally on Tuesday I decorated the hut. It doesn't take long. The tree is all ready, we just pull it down out of the loft and plug it in. I added a few new decorations this year, some cute clay angels, another red reindeer, some red wooden hearts and of course the Swedish Santas.

The paper honeycomb decorations are quick to put up too.

A few Santa hats in the breezeway brighten up that room.

Both Maggie and Elisabeth are intrigued by the red baubles.

Hoping to get some baking done over the weekend.


Violet said...

It looks lovely Marian!

Rebecca Alexis said...

Absolutely lovely!

Amanda said...

You have decorated your home so beautifully Marian! It looks so pretty and festive. I love all the red touches x

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