Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hut Christmas 2013 - Advent calendar

Last year, given the premature birth of our girls 2 weeks before, our Christmas was a little subdued. 

Whilst I had decorated the hut before going into hospital, when I came home it felt wrong to get excited about the frivolities of the season.

Instead of joining in with the traditional family celebrations we chose to visit the NICU, have long kanga cuddles with the girls, then came home to eat a Christmas dinner of baked ham and salad.

If you've read my blog you'll know I like to celebrate Christmas, and now I am even more mindful than ever about traditions: both old family ones and creating new ones.

So in an effort to get back into blogging, I'm hoping to share a little of our Christmas each day.

Advent calendar

I have a red felt hanging calendar with pockets for treats or notes. I have written notes for Rob this year, but the calendar is still up in the loft. Oh well, he'll still get the notes!

Rob has rather extravagantly bought me a beautiful calendar filled with German truffles. The girls liked the sparkly gold stars, but luckily didn't seem interested in the chocolates. 

As a child I loved our family calendar, we shared one between five children, so we took it in turns opening the little cardboard doors. Back in my day (listen to me!) there were just little pictures behind the doors rather than chocolates. But I still got very excited to see what each door revealed. As my parents are religious the calendar usually was a nativity scene, rather than a cartoon character or Barbie. 

Hopefully next year the girls might grasp a little of the Advent calendar.

Do you have a special calendar you reuse every year?
Or do you come up with a new version every year?
Do your children share or have one each? 


Eva said...

Hi there- I was just reading the comments on Kelle Hampton's blog as I saw Tasmania mentioned so naturally I clicked over, being a fellow Taswegian - lovely to find a new blog to enjoy. I fairly sure that we live relatively near to each other!.
Your little ones are just gorgeous. I have 4 little boys but I think I'll always be clucky!

Anne Reardon said...

I must say I love the idea of all the Christmas traditions handed down in families. I have fond memories of beautiful but simple Christmases of my childhood and I always aim to bring some of that simplicity to our celebrations. On the subject of Advent calendars - I too have a religious background and I feel that Advent calendars should ALWAYS feature a nativity scene. cartoons and Barbies - absolutely NOT!
I know you must be looking forward to a lovely Christmas with your little ones!

Kristen Willenbrock said...

Oh your advent looks lovely and I bet the truffles are yummy. I put up one advent calendar for my boys. It's a string of numbered red and green envelopes that go up the staircase. The boys actually do not touch the envelopes, instead I leave their surprise at the bottom of the stairs. One for each of them and also a family activity card that states an activity for later that day. Just strung it up last night and I'm already feeling the holiday spirit. Enjoy this special time sweet friend.

clarissa said...

Wien (=Vienna) is in Austria, not in Germany ;) I bet they taste delicious , though. I like it when advent calendars come with a little luxurious touch. Enjoy!

Overberg said...

We also have an Advent calendar every year and share it between all the kids. Each box reveals a piece of the Nativity scene, ending with Baby Jesus. The kids love it and it is easy to get wrapped up in their excitement of seeing which figurine/magnet is next!

Tara said...

I can only remember one advent calendar. A gift I think from overseas relatives. Our family are. It very religious so advent and the like have never really been a part of by Christmas experiences. However,the. Last two years I have spent Christmas with my husbands family. I was surprised at what a wrench it was to "loose" familiar traditions and embrace the way his family celebrates. Carols on Christmas Eve (sung altogether, very out of tune but that's not the point), a nativity scene, a special candle lit. Church on Christmas morning for those so inclined. I doubt though, that I'll ever really get behind opening gifts on Christmas Eve! All wrong I tell you! Though it does leave more time on the day for lounging around watching cricket reruns. The famous 437-run match between SA and Aussie seems to be a popular rebroadcast...!

My thought this year turn toward out own brand new family of three (three!). Our Little Man will be exactly 5 weeks on on the 25th but I do want to start some traditions. At the very least there needs to be a family photo....

SharonLN said...

We have a beautiful handmade Huon pine Swiss chalet, complete with flower boxes, with shuttered windows that open each day. When my children were much smaller the 'fairies' would come each night and place a treat behind the window. Sometimes this meant a very early rise for said 'fairy'. My parents gave me the house before I had children, and it was filled with coins, poems, chocolates and many, many miniatures. It was so much fun to do. On the 24th, the attic window was opened and it was revealed that the roof could be removed via a secret lintel (?) hidden in the roof. Usually the 'fairy' would place a $5 note and some ferrero rocher in the roof as an added surprise. Probably my most favourite Christmas tradition!

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