Saturday, December 7, 2013

Last bump shot before I knew about TTTS.

I woke on Friday morning and felt so tired. I had no enthusiasm for getting up and facing what was going to be a scorching hot day, with a work presentation to organise first up.

I snapped this last bump shot at home. I look sad, and I had big black smudges around my eyes. The bump seemed to be taking over my whole body, pressing up against my ribs and down into my bladder.

At the end of the long day I headed to a dental check up, and oddly when I was tipped head down in the chair I felt some relief from the pressure and aching.

Rob and I headed home for a dinner of steak. I ate some but didn't really feel that hungry. 

After we went to bed I tossed and turned and could not get comfortable at all. I couldn't sleep, just moaned every so often as I changed position. Poor Rob. In the end I had to rush to the toilet to be sick. I hadn't been sick for months. This is going to sound a bit gross, but I realised the food was undigested, as if there wasn't even enough room inside my stomach for food. I remember crying, and asking Rob if I was okay. He rubbed my back and reassured me, cleaned me up and helped me back to bed.

My night didn't improve, I lightly dozed, but continued to toss and turn.  

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caygraymomma said...

I remember this picture and feeling so excited for you. Learning days later that you were going to be having the babies, I think I held my breath for weeks for you all.

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