Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hut Christmas 2013 - the Christmas photo

Usually our poor German Shepherd Dogs, Nigella and Claudia, are forced to wear reindeer antlers or a Santa hat and endure a Christmas photo shoot. 

This year we had the girls and a whole new level of difficulty, trying to get them both to smile! 

Our initial attempt wasn't great. It was a hot evening, they were hungry and I dressed them in red tutus with tights. They were particularly displeased about the Santa hats.

I'll share a few of the first attempt. We did follow up with another session the next morning in more casual attire and it was a bit more successful. 


Violet said...

I absolutely love Maggie's expression in the third picture! These girls are so adorable.

tea with lucy said...

That last shot is a winner!

rachel xo

Abbey said...

Gosh they are cute!!

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