Wednesday, January 18, 2012


On the eve of my birthday last night we were treated to a fantastic thunderstorm, with lightning that lit up our bedroom. This morning Rob made me pancakes for breakfast in bed. I'm feeling spoilt already.
Am I feeling another year wiser? I think so.
What have I learnt over this past year?


Having our own home has made a big difference to how secure and settled I feel, and you know what it's ok if I want to spend as much time there as I possibly can.
I like our little life in the country, waking up and seeing the bush on the hill opposite, the quiet, or the sound of frogs croaking, watching wallabies hopping and feeding in the paddock at dawn (rather than our garden) and watching and listening to birds. Sorry if I sound like some sort of crazy bird watcher freak, BUT the other night I was sitting on the terrace having a cool drink and a wedge-tailed eagle flew up the block over the dam, it was being harassed by a pair of forest ravens, and for once was flying quite low. I could barely get the words out to get Rob to come and have a look! It flew over us, the hut and then hid in a big eucalypt on the hill. I'm glad that I can still feel awe in moments like that.


I like being Rob, a lot.
We've lived together for awhile, but it was always something we wanted to do one day. Sure we haven't much changed, I don't think, but making it official was important to us both, I love starting sentences with "my husband.." I like seeing my wedding band on my finger, watching those bunnies and foxes chase each other, and didn't mind changing my name at all.


It's ok to wear boys jeans.
I've come to loathe shopping for jeans. This last year, after trying to squeeze myself into several pairs in Myers, I walked out of the women's change room, walked up a flight of stairs and found a perfect pair in the men's section! Comfy, long and my favourite boot cut style. Not even baggy in the "wrong" places, which makes me wonder how comfortable they are for guys!

I have to stop worrying so much.
I know I let things niggle away at me, until I come up with all sorts of crazy scenarios. I've watched my mother stress about everything and it's not a healthy way to be. So this year I'm trying to work on my negativity and enjoy life a little more, instead of worrying about the what ifs.


Two dogs are so much funnier than one.
Watching our two muck about and play games never fails to make us laugh.


I like baking cakes for parties.
Our wedding, birthdays, Christmas and work events. I like doing it well and making people something they enjoy.


Babies are cute.
Sure I may have thought this before, but since my niece was born in May, I've realised that a baby who's related to you is quite different. I like that she smiles at me when I visit, or tries to share my ice-cream, or tips her head sideways when looking at me. She's adorable. Watching my little sister (whom I can remember holding as a baby) as a mother is beautiful. She's the same but different. It suits her.

What will I learn this year I wonder?


Jo said...

Happy Birthday Hazel, I hope you have a wonderful day

Hazel said...

Thanks Jo! So far so good!

Sarah B said...

Happy Birthday you spring chicken! I hope it has been a lovely day. A great post and what a nice pick of the poochies.
Many happy returns to you x

Katrina said...

Happy birthday! I hope you had an absolutely wonderful day filled with all the good things. I loved reading through your list - it sounds like a very productive and wonderful previous year for you :)

Hazel said...

Thanks Sarah, it was a lovely day. Although I think I'm entitled to a birthday week! We're heading out for dinner tomorrow, to the Red Velvet Lounge in Cygnet, my fav.

I just printed that photo for my work pinboard. They are cute.

Hazel said...

Thank you Katrina, it was a good year- hoping next year is just as good or better!

Life with Kaishon said...

It sounds like you have had an absolutely wonderful year. I LOVE your boy jean epiphany and also your cakes. WOW : ) Babies are the absolute best when you share a family bond. There is something magic about them for sure. : )

Marcie said...

What a lovely blog you have created. What a wonderful life you have created too. I've only visited Tasmania once but it made such an impression on me. I will get back there someday for some proper exploring. Bye

Catherine said...

Happy belated birthday hazel, I hope you had a wonderful day, it sure sounds like it! And that thunderstorm was so amazing!!

Lisa Gonzalez said...

January 18th is my birthday, too :)

Loved reading this list!

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