Sunday, January 15, 2012

The laundry hut

Hope this post is not too dull, but we've finally tidied up our mini hut.
When we designed the hut we always wanted a separate hut for the laundry and shed. The original hut in the states that we were inspired by had one, and we thought it was a good idea.
The verandah is perfect for our washing line, and the builders did finish it off very neatly, even plastering and painting the inside.
But as we hadn't gotten around to putting up shelves or cupboards, both rooms were quite a mess, and it was hard to find anything, the laundry also doubles up as Rob's home brew store room, so was quite squishy.
Last week I sourced some Tas oak cupboards for free, so after a very exciting trip home with then precariously balanced in a trailer, we dragged everything out and they fitted perfectly.
It finishes off the laundry hut perfectly.

Laundry before and after, with new home brew storage

Shed before and after

The rest of our weekend was spent moving the remaining gravel (Rob) and cooking/getting ready for our lunch with friends today.
Right now we're snoozing on the window seat (Claudia), blogging and reading. Claudia had a stressful day, our friends have a young daughter and Claudia was petrified. After peeing on my foot (!) Claudia spent the whole afternoon hiding and looking very nervous. The little girl did persevere and Claudia would allow her to pat her (we always were near just in case it got too much for Claudia) but she wasn't fully relaxed until they left! I'm hoping she grows out of it, I'm not sure how to desensitize her, as I've read that it can just be too hard on the dog and the irrational fear will get worse. Any ideas/advice?
I'll be back to share the food we cooked tomorrow.

Claudia before the scary 7 year old turned up!


Phoebe said...

Wow!! Those shelves and cabinets look great!

I really need to organise my laundry too. Its so daunting!

My Secret Rooms said...

Yeah, it does look great! Well done, you :-)

Our dog really dislikes children and always has and since he's now 9 years old, I have no tips. Our dog is a spanish street dog though, and set in his ways in certain areas.
Good luck! Hopefully she will grow out of it, it's hard to keep guarding that.

Sarah B said...

Those cupboards were a great score. Must feel so much better seeing it look do much more organized. I could do with that in our crazy laundry. Poor Claudia! I have no advice but I bet some googling will find you a few ideas :)

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