Wednesday, January 25, 2012


So I had a fast trip to Canberra. No culinary delights to share, as the restaurant was picked out for us to meet at on Monday night, and I picked a doozy- the vegetarian burger. Not sure what came over me, but it was dry, and the bun toasted until it was hard and crunchy. Breakfast at the hotel was pretty good, but fairly standard hotel breakfast fare. Then I had an all day meeting so had a catering lunch, and snacked at the airport.
The hotel was a new one, the Burbury, all black walls and pale limestone tiles. It did have a nice big bed, with lovely crisp white linen, and even a doona, something I always miss when travelling. I'm not a sheet and blankets sort of girl.
I had some time to wait before our dinner so enjoyed lazing on the big bed (for once with out dog fur) and watching the tennis. We haven't had a tv for over 6 months now, and for the most part I don't miss it. But the tennis just isn't the same on the radio!

Rob took these photos the other morning at sunrise. I'm trying to pick one for my blog header.
I'm thinking number 1? What do you think?



Sarah B said...

Poor veggie burger! That's probably what I would have chosen :)
I honestly don't think I could function sans tv. It would be torture!
Yes, piccy no.1 :)

Allana said...

oh dear, sounds like a dismal trip :(
Love those pics, both the first and second have brilliant light, sorry can't choose x

Pauline said...

Ah, no wonder you were missing from work on Monday! I think I would pick #1, just because you can see more of your puppies :)

steve said...

Number 1-a doozy

ally said...

I love number one - was going to comment on how lovely it was before I even saw the questions
I'm not a sheets and blankets girl either - doonas all the way

Rowantree Design said...

I'm with you on number one! It's is going to make the best blog header! Can't wait to see it. I imagine you are enjoying you r own culinary delights after the trip to Canberra. Quite frankly I have never had a good meal in Canberra. I wonder what the pollies do?

Phoebe said...

Great pictures! I like the perspective in no 1 but I like the colours in no 2! too hard to choose

Hazel said...

Number 1 it is!

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