Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Flowers is back for 2012

Sorry for the break in transmission.
The aftermath of the party combined with our return to work has meant this has been a pretty busy week for me.


For my first Friday of 2012: some daisies growing in the grass at the block. I am so looking forward to the grass being cut for hay. The snake thing still freaks me out at times.

Thanks for your comments on my last post, our diet has been a bit better this week, and not being near the pantry is a good thing too! We headed to the gym on Monday and Tuesday, I had a visitor at work on Wednesday and Thursday so missed a few days, but I went to a Body Balance class today at lunch.

I did a really good job of switching my brain off in regards to work, I couldn't even remember how to use Microsoft Outlook to send emails on Monday! As I said I had a visitor (seemed like a good idea before I went on holiday) so it was a bit manic as we worked together on a document ahead of a deadline.

Today I've been shaping my new to do list for work tasks (just quietly some of them are ones I didn't' complete from last years!)

Been so busy I haven't been able to mention that we bought another myrtle sideboard that matches our ever growing collection, this one has glass doors, so hopefully that will turn up next week. We'll shuffle one of the others into the spare bedroom, and probably take the odd one out to the Antiques Warehouse in town. We haven't visited them in a long time, so am looking forward to that, I wouldn't be surprised if we came away with something else!

Lastly we have salvaged some timber cupboards from a room at work, they would just trash them so we're going to install them in the shed and laundry, we're both looking forward to making those rooms look a little more organised. I'll take some before and afters.
Yeah it's the weekend. We're having the builder and his family over for lunch on Sunday, something I've been meaning to do for 6 months. Oh well, we got there in the end!


Rowantree Design said...

Happy New Year. Diet! Sound very boring. Do we still get to read your fabulous menus. Please.

Sarah B said...

Pretty daisies. I was the same going back to work, how easy we forget!
Looking forward to seeing the new furniture, I still haven't been to that antique store you told me about a while ago.
Have a lovely weekend :)

Hazel said...

Hi Roberta, don't worry our meals haven't really changed, I just try to eat a little less, and no snacks in between meals!
Sarah, I'm sure you'd find some treasures there. Hope you have a lovely weekend too.

ally said...

I love Friday flowers! Well any day really..
I couldn't even remember how to log into my blog today...hope when I get back I remember how to do it!!

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