Sunday, January 29, 2012

Summer heat

Although probably not hot when compared to the mainland, if the thermometer tips over 30 us poor Tasmanians start to wilt.
Whilst Rob worked on fixing up the paths in my flower garden, I moved from shady spot to shady spot.
The window seat in the morning, the hammock was good until lunch, then our bedroom for the mid-afternoon. Finally the breezeway lived up to its name in the late afternoon.
Drinking icy drinks and listening to the dogs pant, I read gardening books dreaming of some cooler weather.
We enjoyed tomatoes and basil for lunch on toast, and my home made banana ice cream hit the spot afterwards. It's still warm now, all the hut doors and windows are open allowing the cool breeze in. We're listening to the men's tennis final on the radio and eating mango sorbet.
This sort of day is ok once in a while, but I can't really do much in weather like this.
Nigella could cope if in the shade or a breeze
My garden paths progress
Hammock view on Friday before I fell asleep
Hammock view on Saturday
Claudia did not cope with the heat well! Even the polished concrete was warm.


My Secret Rooms said...

Ohh, please enjoy the heat for me!! ;-) I get the chills reading about it.
I'm trying to get some bravery and master the icy outdoors here.... It's a little too cold to WANT to step outside.

The dogs are gorgeous, beautiful - love them!!!

The ice cream sounds to die for, by the way....

Little Nan said...

Oh, I hear you about the heat! Our dinosaur of an air con stopped just when we needed it most! The hot weather is just terrible but as I write this, the house is finally being cooled down by a lovely strong breeze! Hope you and the pups stay cool! x

Darren Gersol said...

I hope that your garden won't be affected by the intense heat. It's good to know that you have many things to beat that summer heat. I usually lock myself in my bedroom when I'm at home during summer. Then I watch movies from my collection and wait for my friends' invites to go out for a swim or to hangout. I think I manage to beat the heat that way.

Darryl Iorio said...

A great book and an icy drink are good enough consolation for the intense summer heat. I hope your air con has been fixed by now. How's your garden coming along? Your dogs are so adorable, by the way.

Mignon Her said...

I feel sorry for your dog! They can’t stand too much heat like us which is why having an AC to keep us cool during the summer is very important. Anyway, just keep in mind to have your ACs checked for regular maintenance so you won’t have experience any inconveniences again.

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